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As Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States rightfully said, “If I get eight hours to cut a tree, I’ll take seven hours to sharpen my knife.” A knife, is one of the most important tools in the kitchen. A right tool can take the difficulty level of a job several notches lower. 

Making Sushi/Sashimi at home can be a daunting task. Having a traditional Japanese knife makes it much easier to slice through the protein and have also proven to be multi-functional. However, if you are just starting in your chef’s career or are a beginner at home or even if you are well-versed with the makings of sushi/sashimi, choosing the right tool can be confusing especially when there is no dearth of products available. 

We hope to shed more light on how to make the right choice and exactly what knives are the best of the bunch so your money and your fish don’t get wasted:

Ebros Japanese Sushi Chef Filetting Deba Kitchen Knife Made In Japan Stainless Steel 420J2 160mm With Natural Wood Handle 

One of the cheaper options available without compromising on quality and functioning. Made by bladesmiths in Japan, the deeba knife delivers an excellent performance.

The blade itself is 6.25” long. The handle is made of natural wood and the beveled blade is sharp and made of high-quality stainless steel that makes it ready-to-use straight out of the package.

This particular type of knife excels in filleting fish and the edge of the knife can also be used for the preparation of other poultry and vegetables.

The reviews of the knife have been nothing but positive. One reviewer commented on the marksmanship of the blade in terms of its sharpness and its functionality and was particularly happy with the price that this knife comes for. Many reviews also mentioned that they have given this knife as gifts and have not regretted it. Reviewers have also observed that this knife feels well-balanced in their hands while working in the kitchen. 

DALSTRONG – Yanagiba Sushi Knife – Shogun Series S – Single Bevel Knives – 10.5″ – Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel – w/Sheath

Dalstrong’s knives are pitched to be of excellent quality while remaining affordable. This particular razor-sharp knife comes with a blade that is 10.5” long, modeled as a single-bevel blade at an acute 15-degree angle. The blade is honed with the ‘Honbazuke’ method, which means that the knife is carefully sharpened during 3 complex stages. The lamination on the knife is beautiful, and is embossed with a “metal-storm” pattern which prevents the food to stick or drag with the blade ensuring that each piece is sliced efficiently. The handle is made of red rosewood and is non-porous, military-grade, and to further add to the charm of the knife, the handle is adorned with an intricate copper mosaic pin. It has a tapered edge that helps it to maintain a ‘zero balance’ handgrip and is also rust/corrosion-free. The knife also comes with a sheath that helps your knife to have a longer life.

The reviews agree with a lot of points that are mentioned above. The reviewers are consistently commending the weight of the knife, how durable it is, and the incredible sharpness. Dalstrong’s customer service is also very forthcoming and quick to resolve any issues that you may have with their products. The knife can be enjoyed by a beginner or an expert chef alike. It also makes for a thoughtful gift showing a loved one that you care about. 

Yoshihiro VGYA240SH Hongasumi VG-10 Stainless Steel Yanagi Sushi Sashimi Japanese Knife, 9.5” (240mm), Rosewood Handle

This efficient tool comes with a luxurious octagonal rosewood shitan handle and a double ebony bolster that makes for a light but well-balanced knife. The knife’s length is 9.5” long and is  made of Hongasumi grade high carbon steel which means it will stay sharp for a longer period as compared to its peers in the same category. A HRC rating of 62-63 boasts of unparalleled sharpness on the blade. The quality of the knife is simply marvelous and serves a multitude of purposes other than just being present for making sushi/sashimi. The blade is completely flat on the front, has a concave ground with a flat rim on the back which makes it an ergonomic tool to have. It is made in Japan and is odor and stain-resistant. The perfect design of the knife helps the user to make long and uninterrupted strokes which help in getting perfect fillets of fish. 

Shoppers are delighted by their purchase of this particular knife claiming that it exceeds expectations and are some of the best knives to use in a home setting and have also proved to be their hard-earned money’s worth. The handle is particularly appreciated for being smooth and well-crafted and the knife can be put to use straight out of the package. Yoshihiro’s customer service has also been lauded by the customers for being knowledgeable and attentive. This knife has been touted to be a ‘must-have’ in your knife collection. 

YOSHIHIRO- Japanese Sushi Chef Kasumi Knife Shitan 3p Set [Yanagi270/Usuba195/Deba180]

It is a set of three knives that consists of Yanagi 270, Usuba 195, and Deba 190. The Yanagi knife is 10.7” long and is perfect in preparation of sashimi. The Usuba knife is 7.7” long which is more suited to prepare the vegetables. The Deba knife is 7” long which is ideal for filleting fish with greater ease and efficiency. The whole set is a bargain for the quality you get and after buying this set, you will not need any other tool for the preparation of sushi/sashimi. All three knives come in separate packaging which also makes it ideal for gifting. The handle is made of premium and smooth rosewood and the knife is made of high-carbon steel. The set also comes with instructions to help the users in using and maintaining the quality of the knives.

This knife set by Yoshihiro does not have a single bad review. Every consumer who bought these was left impressed by what they received. A customer used the Yanagi knife to prepare sashimi and Usuba for julienning vegetables, the task was made much easier thanks to these knives. Another customer complimented the set for being exceptional and complimented the handle, which makes the balance of the knife absolutely perfect. A home chef claims that it was his first time using Japanese knives like these, but the task was not as difficult as he thought it would be and the task of cooking was made much easier thanks to these knives. Beginner and experts, both have complimented the quality of these knives.

JapanBargain 1563, Fruit Paring Knife with Sheath 4 inch Japanese High Carbon Stainless Steel Sushi Chef Knife Made in Japan

This knife is manufactured by the company ‘JapanBargain’. The company has been rightfully named for its products as it aims to deliver quality Japanese-made products at a very competitive price. This particular knife’s handle is crafted of  brown wood which is pleasing to the eye. The blade is 4” long and has a pointed end for close cutting. The knife is crafted by quality materials that are rust-resistant, stain-free and also, dishwasher safe. It also comes with a matching sheath, to protect the knife when it is not being used and maintain the same quality throughout the life of the tool. 

The actual users of this knife seem quite happy with this too! Users say that at this price point, no other knife can beat this one. The handle and sheath are beautiful and the blade itself is quite thin which makes it well suited for the tasks that it was designed to do. Another reviewer uses it in his kitchen to produce 300+ orders a day and has had no qualms with it. A simple tool that gets the job done at a stellar price!

Yoshihiro Blue Steel Aonamiuchi Yanagi Kiritsuke Japanese Sashimi Sushi Knife Ebony Handle with Lacquered Saya Cover (10.5” (270mm))

With an impressive HRC scale of 64, this one is a professional chef’s favorite. The blade itself is crafted by master artisans based in Japan and has beautiful and intricate wave patterns that make it almost incomparable to other knives in the category. It is a blue steel knife that comes with an ebony handle and a protective lacquered wooden ‘Saya’ is included to protect your knife. A Yanagi Kiritsuke knife like this was specifically created to slice thin slices of protein and seafood and is considered a must-have arsenal in a chef’s collection. The blade is 10.5” inches long is slightly heavier and wider and has a thicker spine which allows the knife to balance well and perform its functions with little to no hindrance. 

All of the reviews for this knife, unsurprisingly, have a 5-star rating. An experienced and seasoned chef writes that he always prefers Yoshihiro’s knives for making sushi as you can count on them and they are built to last, it also helps that the customer service is impeccable. Another user commented that even though it may seem expensive at first, it becomes abundantly clear with continuous usage that this is the best there is at this price. Users have also mentioned that this is an all-rounder to have and the usage of this knife is not just limited to seafood but can also perform multiple functions across the kitchen. The knife has been described making tasks effortless and has been lauded for its near-perfect craftsmanship.

Yoshihiro VG10 33 Layer Nickel Damascus Gyuto Japanese Sushi Chef Knife: Available in 8.25Inch(210mm), 9.5Inch(240mm), 10.5Inch(270mm) with Nuri Saya Cover (8.25IN) 

There is a reason why so many of Yoshihiro’s knives are on this list. They make quality knives which last you a lifetime at a stellar price that does not feel over-priced. This particular knife on the list has a HRC rating of 60 which makes it extremely sharp as it is VG-10 Damascus grade knife. It is made of VG-10 33 layers of Damascus stainless steel which makes it one of the best knives to have. The handle is made of premium quality pakkawood that lends balance to the knife and makes it for an ergonomic design. A lacquered magnolia wooden Saya is also included to maintain the quality of life of the knife.  The steel is also stain-resistant and resists forming rust, if left wet. The knife is suggested to use for a long time without the fear of rust, making it a chef’s favorite. It has an extended tip that makes it ideal for a multi-functioning tool for cutting through fish, meat, or vegetables. 

None of the reviews dip below 5 stars for this quality knife. The customers absolutely love the caliber that this toll possesses and is said to be very sharp fresh-out-of-the-box and it is also easy to maintain its quality throughout its life. The knife’s design is state-of-the-art which makes for a stunning gift.  Also called lightweight, well balanced and beautiful by a professional chef, it is the favorite of amateurs and experts. The reviews recommend it and so do we!

Best Buy: DALSTRONG – Yanagiba Sushi Knife – Shogun Series S – Single Bevel Knives – 10.5″ – Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel – w/Sheath.

With consistently good ratings and great recommendations across almost every review, this knife is a no-brainer when it comes to picking up a great knife for sushi/sashimi. Loved by almost every type of chef there is, the quality is hard to beat at the price offered. Dalstrong is known to craft immaculate knives and this knife will not steer  you wrong. These are one of the many reasons why it is in one of our best picks!

We hope that we shed some light on the complicated world of sushi/sashimi knives and its tools and steered you in the right direction. It gives us immense happiness to help our readers in any sort of way we can and help them save their precious time, effort, and money in a never-ending sea of products available in the market!   

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